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Meet Silva Harapetian

She has been a journalist for 20 years working in front of a camera and behind the scenes. Silva has worked as an award-winning journalist for CBS, ABC, FOX, and NBC; as a television personality and media expert who was featured in online and print magazines as well as television and radio shows, internationally and nationally including NBC’s “The Today Show” with Kathie Lee & Hoda and syndicated talk show, “The Nate Berkus Show.

As a Christian-Armenian living in Iran, she witnessed a revolution, lived through a devastating war and escaped terrifying political and religious persecution.

Perhaps it was her own life journey that drew her further into a career of storytelling and journalism.

"I always felt it my responsibility to use my voice to speak the truth when others couldn’t, to promote education when others didn’t and shine a spotlight on injustice when others wouldn’t."

In addition to her career as a TV journalist, her entrepreneurial spirit guided her to build multiple businesses in real estate, motivational speaking (SilvaHarapetian.com), education in media (MediaMasteryInstitute.com), online marketing (EpicStorytellingAcademy.com/expert), video production (SilvaMediaGroup.com/expert), and brand ownership. Silva has written several books, one of which has landed her on the Amazon Best Selling Author list.

Her online businesses, Media Mastery Institute, Epic Storytelling Academy, Silva Media Group, help entrepreneurs amplify their impact in the world. She teaches change-makers how to be storytellers and how to use the power of their voice to broadcast their message, live a purposeful life and become an undeniable influence in business.

She along with her team of media professionals are experts at building a robust engine that puts brands, businesses, books, and products on the map. Her media company focuses on the strategic process of brand building, her video production company focuses on crafting the messages, on-camera training, and producing the videos that elevate Google and YouTube rankings. But, what's the point of having a robust online presence when one can't flaunt it. That's where her media company steps in and pushes your message out to the media making you and/or your business the go-to-expert in your respective industry.