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How to get tons of Press. 

The 3 step formula top experts use to Get Print, TV, and Digital Publicity That Attracts and Convert clients (even if they don't have large audience or a big budget.)

So you spend thousands on marketing tactis even hire a PR agency but still no results and it feels like you are marching in place. Ready to make a change? 

Master Class on closes  October 15th, 2020


Being featured in the media is the new social currency.
It is the kind of social currency that opens doors, puts you on big stages, gives you access to thousands of eyeballs and potential clients.
It lets you play in the big leagues.  

Here’s what people are saying about our Master Class 

Vicky Townsend

Used the media training to get featured in the "The New York Times", HLN, "The Miami Herald," Univision and more than a dozen other digital platforms. 

"I know the value that you bring and the education you provide in seeing it from the media's perspective and the entrepreneur's needs is tremendoud. Understanding what we need to provide in order for us to be better positioned in the media."  

Racheli Refael

Used the media training to position herself as the go-to expert for couples divorcing in lending industry. She's been featured on online publications across several digital platforms. 

“Sometimes we don't think we have as story but you sharing your story and showing us how we can share ours shows us why our story matters and how we can leverage it to get media." 

Annette Alverez

Used the media training to have her organization to be featured in The Miami Herald, Miami Today News, Seminol Tribune, and many more digital publications.

“I started looking at the ways we get media a little differently. You showed that media is more than just haveing a story onn the local news and that we could branch out. Now, I know I need to look at the local hook and it worked and we got published."  

Building brands, credibility and authority is done through the power of Publicity and Media.


How my clients go from racing to keep up with the compeition to dominating the marketplace...all because they've positioned themselves as the only logical choice for their product and service. 


Write an Effective News Release That Has the Media Knocking on Your Door  


How to Use Simple Research Tactics to Position Yourself as The "Go-to-Expert" in Your Industry 

Here’s what people are saying about our Master Class 

Aron Rentfrew 

High Performance Coach

"I am a relatively shy individual. Silva helped me find the most valuable parts of my story. Working with her was one of the most proud experiences I have had. I am now able to use my experience to benefit others. I think that’s the most powerful gift anyone can give.”

Liz Becker

Co-Founder NADP

“Divorce is a very difficult subject matter. It is not inspiring. Silva helped guide them to find the power in their own story by showing them the power of vulnerability. She then gave them a step by step process for replicating connections with their clients.”

Kathleen Monahan

Director SPCA

“As a result of our work with Silva, we at the the SPCA, learned how to tell our story in a manner that makes the community care and want to participate in our work. The storied that were placed in the media went viral and received national and international attention as well as online placement.”

About The Course Teacher,

Just in case you didn’t catch it… my name is Silva Harapetian and I’m an award winning journalist, entrepreneur and Amazon Best Selling Author. I’ve spent 20 years working in print, radio and television behind the scenes and in front of a camera in newsrooms across the country. I’ve read and reviewed hundreds of thousands of pitches and news releases and booked thousands of guests for talk shows and news segments. I know the vetting process and what it really takes to get their seal of approval. I know how producers think, what gets their attention, what happens in editorial meetings and the conversations that determine whether someone or something gets press or not. I'm sharing everything I know ...don't miss the master class. 

You're trying to grow your business, build credibility, create awareness, and drive sales. 

So you spend thousands on marketing tactis even hire a PR agency but still no results and it feels like you are marching in place. Ready to make a change? 

Master Class on 
October 15th, 2020